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RLH Perspectives Newsletter 2014 Year in Review
"Top Trending Stories"
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In the current issue, Chris Lewis contrasts the most popular Google search topics from the year just ended with the key trending stories in RLH’s world during the past 12 months. The latter include four transactions in exciting, fast-growing sectors.
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Focus on Growth  
  Focus on Business Services
IT consulting, specialized staffing, business intelligence and analytics, business process outsourcing,
and more.

Focus on Healthcare
Efficiency in care delivery, wellness, patient and regulatory compliance, pharmacy services, outcomes data, and more.

Focus on Government Services
Data and network security, IT services, C4ISR, information analytics, and more.

RLH News

Portfolio Company News
RLH Invests in Inspirage LLC

January 2015 - RLH announces our investment in Inspirage LLC, a rapidly growing provider of consulting, customization, and implementation solutions for high-value supply chain software.

Company News

06/14 RLH Invests in Clarity Solution Group

05/14 Acquisition of Secure Mission Solutions

04/14 Parsons Acquires Secure Mission

12/13 - OnAssignment acquires CyberCoders

6/13 - CyberCoders Wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award

05/13 Siteworx Wins ACG Award

03/13 - Closing of New Fund

02/13 - RLH Invests in Chartis